Castle Convention Guest Update

Castle Director Rob Bowman with Nathan Fillion

Update: Just to be clear, Nathan has not been announced as a guest, just Rob Bowman at this stage, in our automatic email subscription update, the caption of the image to the right shows as the first line of the message which may give the wrong impression.

Given there’s been so little response we’re guessing most of you have not yet listened to the latest podcast in which we revealed another of our special guests for the convention.  We hope you’ll decide to listen anyway (there’s an exclusive interview with Jon Huertas, news and more) but we decided it’s time to go ahead and announce here anyway.

The one and only Rob Bowman will be joining the guest lineup! Rob (also known for X-Files and Star Trek: TNG has been with Castle since day one as an executive producer and director and he’ll be joining previously announced Castle crew members Alfred Sole, Christopher Brow, Marta Evry, Warren Bowman (not related) and Stephen Bowman (related).  For more info see our Guests page.

Watch out for more guest announcements in the near future including someone from the cast.