Castle Convention Guest Actor Announcement (minor spoiler for Monday’s episode)

We’re happy to announce a guest cast member you probably weren’t expecting to join us for the convention. Armin Shimerman (known for Star Trek, Buffy and a host of other roles) has agreed to join us! Armin is a guest star in the convention themed episode to air next Monday “The Final Frontier”.

We are hoping to have some more guest announcements soon. We can say that there are a few people on our list who won’t know until the week of the event whether or not they can make it and there may be some surprise guests dropping by without notice!

Some time shortly we’ll be providing a means for those not able to attend the convention to submit some questions for our guests so look out for that here on the site.


  1. I Love this!!

    (Now, gonna love it even better if all our other favorites agree to be there!!!).

    Are you working on Andrew and Terri to attend again as well??

  2. My first convention ever and I’m going to see the first Ferengi ever! So happy! Thanks for making it happen!

  3. yvonneh12 says:

    I sure hope Andrew, Terri, Jon and Seamus all attend again. It was wonderful to meet them and ask them questions last year!

  4. Hehehe aww Stana’s geeking out!